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Who We Are

University Halal Market is a butcher shop that specializes in Dhabihah(Islamic ritual slaughter method), halal meat. Our mission is to service San Diego with the highest quality halal meat at an affordable price with outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves by offering a wide variety of meats ranging from cow/beef, chicken, goat, lamb, and veal. Additionally, we offer a curated selection of international patry products from different regions of the world such as Somalia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and more.


Established in 2007, our humble store started as Ebes Marketplace and Deli previously owned by Ibrahim Ramona. It changed owners over the years, but the mission stayed the same: to provide the highest quality dhabihah, halal meat in San Diego.

The Owner

Abubakar Said Ahmed is the owner of University Halal Market. Since 2013, he has worked with his family on this business, and has built a reputation for providing Dhabihah Halal meat to all of San Diego. From starting as a cashier to being a store manager, he fulfilled any roles you could think of. A self-taught butcher, Abubakar specializes his curating cuts that makes the mouth water. He took over the family business from his oldest brother in 2016, and has since built a loyal customer base searching for high quality dhabihah, halal meat in San Diego.







About the Owner

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6172 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92115

Monday - Thursday: 10AM-6PMFriday: 10AM-12PM 2PM-6PMSaturday - Sunday: 10AM-6PM